Visceral Manipulation


The concept

Visceral Manipulation is Osteopathic Technique that has been in developement since the 1970's. It's founder, Jean Pierre Barral found, over the course of his career, that many physical and mental problems had either an origin, or a connection with the health of our inner organs. 

He found that if the movement of our organs, inside our body, are not smooth, it inhibits the physiological function, resulting in disease and suffering.

Visceral Manipulation is a manual technique in which the therapist tries to find the areas where the inner organs are not moving properly. He then applies a very gentle, yet effective force on the ligaments connecting the organs. Once these have been stretched, it allows to organ to move freely, and fulfill its task again. This treatment principle is based on the idea that with the right stimulation, the body can heal itself from many dieases. 

What can Visceral Manipulation be used for?

Here is a link that will directly bring you to the site of the Barral Institute. You will be able to find more information about this question there.

What to expect from a treatment?

For one, a Visceral Manipulation treatment can be received by the patient only ones every 3 weeks. This is because the subtle techniques applied, will trigger a chain of reactions, that take an average of 2-3 weeks to reach it's full potential.

I will firstly do a subjective and objective examination to see which organ could be restricted in their motion. After I will apply a technique called "Motility" in which I will use my hands to feel the movement of the organ within the body, and feel its obstructions. 

Then I will apply very gentle techniques to stretch or manipulate the organ. These stretches are usually held for several seconds and in a very small range of motion. Although the stimulation is light, the patient can feel that some big changes are taking place in their body. 

After the treatment, the patient is asked to keep track of the physical and mental changes over a period of 3 weeks. We do this to optimize the result of the next treatment. It is strongly advised to do a minimum of 3 Visceral  Manipulation treatments to fully experience the results of this method.